IT budgets are tight and watched very closely, we understand that at Kerscher Computing. Our goal is to provide no nonsense IT services. This means that unless an upgrade is absolutely needed, we will not recommend it. We do NOT provide a "free" site analysis only to tell you that you need an entire new network, however we can provide the following:  


  • Wired and wireless networks analysis
  • Network performance analysis
  • Vendor proposals
  • 24 hour network emergency on-site support
  • On-site or remote support
  • Cloud implementation analysis

What this Means:

  • We look at customers requirements and existing hardware to see how to make them perform, work and function better in a heterogeneous environment.
  • We recommend upgrades only if they are needed and necessary.
  • We do not offer any free network analysis or reviews.
  • We have vendor contacts that can provide new and/or refurbished equipment.